“Chivalry” in a Feminist World

I won’t lie when; Vanessa’s Voice contacted me and asked me to guest write, I was a little intimidated. She typically covers pretty substantial and important topics on her blog. While I...I basically wrap myself in sarcasm and complain about how hard adulting is… Nevertheless I thought it my duty to at least ATTEMPT to … Continue reading “Chivalry” in a Feminist World


March For Our Lives

Saturday March 24, 2018 is a day for the history books. Early statistics are saying that the March For Our Lives is the largest attended rally in history. This is more inspiring than words can say. These students who experienced likely the worst trauma of their young lives have chose to stand up against it … Continue reading March For Our Lives

Feminism – Challenging Stereotypes & Defining What it Means to Me

"But you're married" "But you don't participate in marches or rallies" "I didn't realize you hate men" "Ohh...you're one of those..." These are just a few of the many statements I have heard when I have identified as being a feminist. Feminism is a grossly misunderstood ideology and is often viewed in a negative light. … Continue reading Feminism – Challenging Stereotypes & Defining What it Means to Me